Homewood Historical Timeline

1883: The Homewood Retreat is founded.

1902: The Homewood Retreat becomes The Homewood Sanitarium.

1906: Homewood Sanitarium expands adding the Colonial and Vista buildings. Both are stone buildings in  classical design. Colonial is a large edifice with two wings and classical columns.

1906: The Homewood School of Nursing opens.

1911: The Guthrie House (also called the Manor building) is destroyed by fire.

1912:  A new Manor building opens. Situated 500 feet up the hill from where the old Manor had been, the new, red brick, E-shaped building has two wings, with classical columns and three-storey Queen Anne style turrets.

1946: Riverslea mansion is purchased from the Goldie family and renovated as a patient unit.

1959: The Ontario Hospital Services Commission begins. The Blue Cross insurance plan makes beds at Homewood more accessible to a larger segment of the population.

1968: Homewood becomes the first psychiatric facility in Ontario, and the second in Canada, to receive accreditation from the Canadian Council of Hospital Accreditation.

1972: Homewood reaches the capacity of 312 patient beds.

1991: The Hamilton building opens, providing a new dining room and Lecture Theatre.

1992: The Homewood Sanitarium becomes Homewood Health Centre Inc.

2008: Homewood Health Centre celebrates 125 years of service with an exhibition at the Guelph Civic Museum

2010: Schlegel Health Care Inc. purchases the Homewood Corporation.



Our vision for Homewood Health is: To be the Canadian leader in mental health and addictions | To deliver outstanding outcomes through exceptional services and research-led innovation | To provide a broad range of services to individuals, families and organizations | To help everyone we serve live healthier, more productive and more fulfilling lives

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Visitors are welcome at Homewood. General visiting hours are provided.

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Location and Parking

Our address is 150 Delhi Street, Guelph ON, N1E 6K9. Directions and parking information is provided.

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