Leading the way with creativity and innovation

We are led by a diverse team of innovative and qualified professionals

Our leaders have decades of experience in a wide range of fields. They are driven by their values and passion for helping people improve their lives.

Jagoda Pike

Chief Executive Officer of HHC and HHI

Francine Bolduc

EVP, Human Resources

Carlos Lalonde

President & Chief of Staff, HHC and EVP, Medical Services, HHI

Jared Landry

EVP, Growth & Strategy

Al Van Leeuwen

EVP, Operations

Dr. Ann Malain

EVP, Workplace Mental Health & Clinical Services

Kimberly Mirotta

EVP, Finance & Administration

Sean Slater

EVP, Revenue & Customer Experience

We are a tight-knit family fueled by our mutual passion for helping people get better and get the right care.

- Jagoda Pike,President and CEO, Homewood Health Inc. & Homewood Health Centre